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The company currently has over 200 employees, including more than 30 experienced technicians, engineers, sales personnel, etc

Rui'an Leichi Automotive Parts Co., Ltd

Rui'an Leichi Automotive Parts Co., LtdWe are a professional manufacturer of standard and fastener products, specializing in retaining rings and waveform washers. Our products include: retaining rings (shaft retaining rings, hole retaining rings, open retaining rings), waveform washers, serrated washers, stop washers, saddle washers, grounding washers, locking washers, spring washers, hoops, spring nuts, single pipe clips, retaining clips, bearing clips, clip nuts, clips, bolts, round nuts, elastic cylindrical pins Machined parts, etc., and various types of non-standard parts can also be customized.

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Our products are mainly aimed at various mechanical and electrical, electrical, automotive and other industries both domestically and internationally



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Rui'an Leichi Automotive Parts Co., Ltd

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Rui'an Leichi Automotive Parts Co., Ltd

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